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Meet The Garden School

The Garden's vision is to build the relationships necessary to integrate the personal interests of every child into their education plan. 

The Garden In-Person Tutoring incorporates research based strategies that include interdisciplinary studies, relationship building, and data-driven lesson structures to ensure students meet their goals.

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About Our Educator

Ms. LauraJeanne Harvey M.S.Edu

Ms. Harvey or "Ms. Harv" is a passionate young educator with over 7 years of tutoring and private teaching experience. Her career began working as a private teacher and nanny in the Washington D.C. area. During college, she continued work as a private teacher and writing consultant at the St. John's University writing center. After graduating and teaching Grade 7 Mathematics, Ms. Harvey served as a private teacher to aid students through the challenges of COVID-19 and virtual education. She currently teaches Grade 5 Science and is the seasonal Education Director at VanHoose Farm and Nursery.

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Research and Philosophies

In 2019 Ms. Harvey received a Masters of Science in Adolescent Literacies from St. John's University and was awarded Teaching Literacy Educator of the Year by the St. John's School of Education Alumni Association. Her graduate research focused on using interdisciplinary intervention strategies to aid students with STEM learning specialties, such as dysgraphia and dyscalculia. This research led to her enthusiasm for project-based learning structures and interdisciplinary studies to build conceptual connections. 

Ms. Harvey specializes in hands-on activities to support conceptual and skill based learning goals.

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